Delegate Contacts

The NSW SOUTHERN STAR SERIES is run by two delegates from each participating club.

These volunteers meet at the completion of racing on Saturday afternoon at each round, to discuss any concerns or suggestions arising from the race meeting with the aim to make the series as good as it can be for you the karter.

Please note that none of the delegates care about or take any notice of social media, they only listen directly to you and will do their very best to accommodate your concerns or your suggestions, and will certainly welcome your praise. If you feel you have something to add to the series please contact one of the ten people on the list below.

If you feel the need to promote or praise the series on social media please feel free, the series does not have a publicity officer and would certainly welcome your assistance. If however you feel the need to condemn or criticise the series on social media then don’t bother because we are not listening, just go and race somewhere else, where you will be happy and let the other karters enjoy themselves.

To the majority, thankyou for your support and enjoy the series!





Phillip Bohan                                         

Kirsty Saunderson              0411 777 811


Greg McLandsborough     0414 670 121

Phil Schmarr                       0488 770 400


AJ Milsom                                               

Karl Ross                              0434 335 973


Clint Oldfield                                          

Damian Owen                                         


Neville Garner                                         
John Macey                                              


Garry Rapmund                   0412 692 130

Greg Thurston                      0406 065 455

TREASURER:                      ROBBIE BOLTON     0434 660 197